Month: August 2019

The Ultimate Guide To Homescapes

Homescapes is one of the most played games that you can play individually on your mobile devices. This game is developed by the Playrix game studio and offered for Android and iOS devices. This is a level based game in which you should complete levels to move further. For completing every level, you can earn stars that help you to unlock the next levels. These stars are also beneficial for decorating the home and to make it more beautiful. Well, there are millions of people who are playing this game and enjoying its numerous features. This game is loved by gamers of different age groups due to its impressive gameplay and storyline. There are two aspects of the game in which you should pay proper attention otherwise you can’t enjoy the game in a proper manner.

Save moves

There are many players who don’t know the importance of moves present for every level in the game. It is important for the players to know that there are specific numbers of moves present on every level and you should also try to complete it within provided moves. This is why you should play the game after making some strategies. This can help you out to solve puzzles on every stage with ease and also without facing complications. Most of the players are wasting the moves which are not good. They should try to save moves which are also beneficial for earning bonus coins. With the help of this, you can also enjoy many other benefits while playing the game. Additionally, there are lots of other things which you should always keep in mind so you can perform better and also get your desired success without struggling with different complications.

 Importance of currencies

As like the other games, there are two main currencies present that have a significant place in the game. Coins are the primary currency whereas stars are the premium currency that you can earn in numerous ways. You should always pay attention to the gameplay as well as on earning resources. With the help of earning enough currency, you can complete different tasks and also decorate the home in a good manner. These both currencies have its own importance and you should understand it to make your task easier. You can also buy currency with the help of spending your real life money or with Homescapes Hack. There are many players who want to make progress faster which is not possible without having sufficient resources. If you are also facing complications regarding the shortage of currencies then you should try to take help from the alternatives to avail currencies easily. 

Apart from this, there are lots of in-game elements that are addictive and attractive too. The gameplay will surely grab your attention and encourage you to download this game. This is free to download so you can download it without paying a single penny and this is one of the big advantages. After downloading the game, you can play it instantly to flavor up your game experience. 

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Quick 3 Ways to Earn Diamonds and Credits in Modern Combat


Here you are going to meet with the best and simplest 3 ways which help you in earning a good amount of diamonds and credits in Modern Combat. Before the same, one should know that in Modern Combat they are provided with lots of classic features such as in-app purchases, various types of rewards, lots of playing modes and many more things as well.

Now, let’s know some basic things about Modern Combat. The game is created by Gameloft SE and its size is almost 31 MB in the starting. After that once you install the game in your device, then the size changes according to the device. There are lots of playing mode sin the game such as story mode, multiplayer online mode and many others too. Almost 9 classic classes’ present with unique or amazing skills.

3 ways to grab diamonds and credits

Given below are the main and classic 3 ways by which every individual who play Modern Combat become able to add a good amount of credits, diamonds and all other essential things to their Modern Combat account –

1.       Use hacks or cheats – Gamers simple get all these things in the game by directly applying Modern Combat Cheats or hacks. When they make use of cheats then they get currency, rewards and many other things liked weapons, etc.

2.       Facebook – By connecting the game with Facebook players also are awarded with a good amount of in-game currency in all forms as well as with weapons or rewards.

3.       Complete missions – Also, by accomplishing all missions in Modern Combat gamers get currency in both forms and also by the same they move onto the next level in Modern Combat.

So, these are the best and useful 3 ways to earn a huge amount of currency in Modern Combat without making enough efforts.

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Fun Run 3: Having 2 authentic currencies to gain

Here is a new game launched for those who like to play a racing game full of fun that is Fun Run 3. It is the best game which is developed by famous studio Dirtybit Arcade with several elements. One of the best features is the MOBA element. Here the player can invite their friends and play the game. Most of the time, players are not sure that they win the race or not, but they may not feel bad because it is full of entertainment that makes the player enjoyment.

According to the player’s point of view, one needs to play the game for collecting the coins and earning the rewards. The best part about this racing game is that the player can send some funny stickers to the friend and make a good source of fun.

In-game currency

In Fun Run 3, there are 2 different types of coins which are used in purchasing and upgrading the things. With help, this one can quickly improve the winning aspects and performance.


The coins are the primary currency that means one can easily attain. It is used to make all the things unlock and buy some main things. In the entire game, the number of coins is fixed that means as much as the player can play the game, but as they have completed the day task and may not get more coins.


The gems are the premium currency that means one cannot be able to gain it. Here the players need to attain all the goals then they will get it.

So, these are two currencies that you need to gain. Once you gain it, and then make all the things updated.

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Dragon Nest M – How To Increase BP In Game!

Upgrading and crafting are two main tasks of the game Dragon Nest M game. Players can tap on the strengthen option, which is always available on the top-right side of the screen. Then become stronger and follow the recommended upgraded which are available on the list. It is possible to enable the two security features of then players are able to attain endless currencies of the game. If we talk about the characters, then they are divided in the classes so you can easily choose the best once for playing the battles with ease.

Class Specialization guide

When a player reach the level 15 and level 45, so the player can easily specialize their character to secondary class and also on the territory class respectively. Now you can easily check out the tree chart of the classes of the characters-

Let me start from the Swordsman and the Mercenary that counted in the Warrior.
The second class is the Archer in which you will find Sharpshooter or Acrobat.
Mystic or Elementalist that is counted in Sorceress so get ready to play the game.
Instead of this, Cleric includes Paladin or Priest.
Don’t forget to take the name of Engineer or Alchemist that counted in the Academic characters.
Assassin is the most powerful, so shinobi or Taoist both are comes in this class.
Moreover, players took decision of playing the game, and earning the EXP should try to focus on the currencies as well. If you found the task of collecting the currencies very complicated, then only Dragon Nest M Cheats will keep supporting you.  Therefore, try to select the best character and becomes the master player of the game because the stars will depending on the EXP that is important.

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